Exploring the Healing Power of Touch.

Skin is our largest sensory organ. It connects our environment with our body functions. Through contact with the skin, the relaxation of muscles and the stimulation of fascia and trigger points we exert influence on the well-being and health of our whole organism. Blocked energies are unleashed and start to flow again and strengthen thus our body, mind and soul.

A massage is one of the most beautiful ways to present each other with special attention and health. Our hands and our skin have their own language with which they express closeness, confidence and love. Physical touch can be a mystical experience, when the soul is being touched through the body.

Holistic Massages
Massages, Touching You as a Whole

Let us find back to the roots of well-being, relaxation, relief, assistance, love and healing.

Our knowing, caring hands will touch you sensitively and full of respect, sometimes soft, sometimes strong, but always reading attentively the signals of your body. They will accompany you gently on a journey towards your inner self.

Grant yourself the experience: you are the most valuable that is in your possession.

Healing Massage Ritual
Getting Healed, Exploring Spirituality, Being One

This ritual is always preceded by an initial consultation that provides information on whether or not a Healing Massage Ritual in this case can be performed.

All details, the course of action, the oils, scents, sounds etc. are carefully selected individually. All the senses of body and soul are involved in a unique spiritual healing ritual, that does not follow any doctrine, but is dedicated entirely to the human being and its individuality and entirety.

Heeling Sleep Massage
Hypnosis, Trance and Massage

Health aims are not only met by medicaments and treatments. Health must be developed and preserved.
It is good to have a professional coach on your side, who with respect to your individual values and wishes, develops in cooperation with you a concept for treatment and its realisation.
Therapeutic possibilities of my naturopathic practice provide a safe and high-quality attendance.

Therapeutic Massage
More than Wellness

Therapeutic massages are not only good for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Many physical and mental strains react positively to a manual therapy.

During my massages I make use of many different manual techniques, e.g. classical, physiotherapy, osteopathy, asian like Shiatsu and very gentle like craniosacral therapy.

Cupping Massage
Detoxicating, Relaxing, Releasing

Using low pressure a cupping massage can solve agglutination of fascia and connective tissue, it can untighten muscles and support detoxification processes.

In addition a cupping massage stimulates the blood circulation, the lymphatic flow. According to the way of application a cupping massage can be either relaxing or stimulating.

For the cupping massage I use self-made natural ointments of high quality.

Ear Candling
Holiday for Your Ears

A traditional practice of the Native Americans and a delight for your ears, head and mind.

Enjoy ear candling solely or in combination with a massage
-    as hygiene for your ears
-    for your regeneration
-    in case of pressure on or in your ear
-    for energetic balancing
-    in addition to other practices

Mobile Massage
Massage at Home or Outdoor


Like most of our services receiving massages is not necessary bound to a certain place. You may well get you massage at home or outside in nature.

We also organise seminars about massaging.








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