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Online Consultation
Get guidance and advisory service conveniently at home

If you live far away, or you do not have time or opportunity for a personal consultation you may easily and conveniently make use of the online-consultation.
During the online-consultation we can communicate via video conference, chat or the exchange of e-mails. Of course we can have a phone consultation as well, but be aware that additional costs may occur.
First you have to buy your desired time credit. After filling the contact from, you will receive an e-mail with an appointment as soon as possible. Your wishes for an appointed date and time will be considered if possible.
You may pay for your personal online-consultation by Paypal with all common pay systems. It is safe and quick. Your payment is accounted immediately and allows a prompt appointment.
If you do not want to pay online, use the contact form to ask for an invoice and the bank details.

Buy time credit for the online-consultation:

After completing the transaction you will be redirected to the contact form.


Important notice: The online-consultation is designed for life coaching and health counselling. Feel free to also ask any questions about diseases and their possible treatment. But always remember that an online-consultation cannot replace any necessary personal examinations or checkups. Thus it may not supersede a visit at your therapist’s or doctor’s practise. For intelligent and legal reasons there will be no anamnesis, telediagnosis or remote treatment in the online-consultation, In any case of serious or urgent medical problems and health afflictions, go and and see me, a medical doctor or a natural therapist for a personal consultation.

Immediate Contact

The option Contact Now allows to immediately establish contact or get advise online without preassigned appointment.

Personal Consultaion

A personal communication, an examination and/or treatment needs an appointment. Visits only by arrangement.

Consultation in Motion

Solvitur ambulando (It is solved by walking) is the motto of our program “Life in Motion”. Counselling while walking or travelling is a unique and very effective way to communicate during a walk, or a hiking tour, or a short travelling, with concentrated attention without pressure of time and in a beautiful stimulating landscape.
We disengage from limited structures of time and space. Uncaged from habitual surroundings we can talk about everything and  find new ways to move on.

Please use one of the contact options if you are interested.


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