Bioenergetic Blood Testing and Diagnosis
The Alternative Health Check Up

The fundamental basis of the bioenergetic testing of blood is postulated by the latest findings in quantum physics and biophysics.
Your bioenergetic blood analysis comes together with its interpretation and therapeutic recommendations

With the results of a bioenergetic analysis of your blood, you can:
► get reliable indications of possible functional organ disorders, health problems and possible nutrient deficiencies,
► get complementary therapy recommendations, especially in difficult cases..

Extensive Check-Up (General Survey Testing)

overview with indications of functional organic disorders and disturbances of health, biological age, deficiencies in nutrition, functional brain dysfunctions, analysis and interpretation of results, recommendations and therapeutic suggestions if necessary (price and order, see below)

Detailed Basic Diagnosis and Homeopathic Repertorisation of Single Remedies

indications of deficiencies in nutrition, infections, vaccination poisoning, functional brain disorders etc., analysis and interpretation of results, recommendations and therapeutic suggestions if necessary (price and order, see below)

Individual Testings

On request or if indicated otherwise additional or specific testings can be done i.e. toxic  pollution, allergies or germs (price on request)

How to get a Bioenergetic Blood Testing?

This is quite simple: Wherever you are, you can get your personal bio-energetic blood testing. After you have placed your order and paid, you will receive a questionnaire by e-mail and a withdrawal kit by postage.
With the help of the withdrawal kit, you can get a single drop of blood from your finger after disinfection (included in the set). A single drop of blood on the enclosed tissue is all we need for the analysis because it is a physical testing method. The you send us the tissue with your blood in a safe included envelope. Usually you will receive your personal analysis with interpretation and naturopathic suggestions after 10 or 14 days.

Alternatively the blood withdrawal can be done in the practice or during a home visit or personal consultation. This causes additional costs according to an individual agreement.

Order your personal Bioenegetic Blood Diagnosis

You may order easily your diagnosis by clicking on the following Paypal button:

Bioenergetic Blood Diagnosis

Receiving your order and payment I will contact you via e-mail. After a period of ten to fourteen days you will receive the analysis and a detailed interpretation of the results, including my individual recommendations for you.

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